Our Equipment

Our Clinic uses the finest modern specialist equipment to provide patient comfort, relaxation and optimum results.

We have two electric Zenith Cox Hylo tables which operate with hydraulics and compressed air.

They have calibrated sectional “drop piece” cushions to provide specific individual resistance to the Chiropractic adjustment.

The tables raise and lower electrically which is a great help for patients that are less mobile.

This type of equipment is recognised within the profession as one of the best “state of the art” adjusting tables available.


X-Ray analysis is an integral part of chiropractic diagnosis. It is used to evaluate the spine, its alignment, health and the space that the nervous system has in order to function correctly.

The films are extremely important and helpful to

  • provide a structural record of your spine
  • rule out disease or pathologies
  • locate fractures, or other signs of trauma
  • identify degenerative spinal joint conditions
  • confirm other examination findings

Chiropratic X-ray analysis is primarily carried out in an upright weight-bearing position so that proper evaluation of the spine can be obtained.

  • We take only the necessary views
  • Use the most up to date equipment
  • Intensification screens reduce energy used
  • Filtration removes unneeded frequencies
  • Collimation narrows the energy beam
  • Sensitive films shorten the exposure time
  • Shielding protects sensitive body parts
  • Regular equipment inspection and licensing.



Robert CliffordSpecialist chiropractic equipment X-Ray machine

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