Welcome to East Maitland Family Chiropractic Centre.

Our goal is to achieve optimum health and a better life for every patient and their family. The aim is to not only provide fast pain relief, but to identify and correct the underlying structural causes.

Every patient at our clinic is treated with highly efficient responsible care and utmost professionalism, this ensures each visit is a pleasant and relaxed experience.

Our Chiropractic care utilises the best up to date modern equipment including diagnostic X-Ray machine along with two specialised electric/hydraulic adjusting tables.

On Your Initial Visit

  • You will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire to enable us to know a bit more about you and your presenting problem.

Case History and Examination

  • This is carried out in a separate room where a thorough case history is undertaken, followed by spinal/physical, orthopaedic neurological and X-Ray examination if required.
  • These procedures are very important in order to arrive at a specific diagnosis.From this point, the conditions or problems can be effectively treated with the utmost efficiency.


East Maitland Family Chiropractic Centre Epuipment in the clinic Robert Clifford

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Allow the body to balance and heal